Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quote of the Day

Lamborghini dreams, beach house wishes, pour bottles of champagne for my beach house bitches
It ain’t new to me that money boy I been bout. Throwing 100s on the floor, I tell her keep
count. nigga they ain’t loving what I say cause I really live the life you other niggas speak bout
got my cameraman he down to do a movie for me, couple niggas round his diamond do the shooting
for me. I’m still riding with my main bitch, she rolling the joints something old school playing
She love me, we ****ing we in the fly free zone when some niggas will cap and save it.
I let her shop till she dropped dead sleeping in the crib wake up a decent pot plant
Jordan shorts and a pair of polo socks blazing with your bitch, if you wanna live smoke this


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